SPEC Stage 3 Clutch (11-17 GT)





If your supercharged or turbocharged Mustang is making some serious power, you're going to need a serious clutch to put that power to the ground. The SPEC Stage 3 Clutch is specifically designed for heavily modified street and race applications, is rated to 755 ft/lbs of torque, and offers quick, precise engagement. The team at SPEC created this clutch to withstand many, many passes down the track while allowing your high performance Mustang to have no trouble going for a nice cruise on the street.


SPEC Stage 3 Clutches include a sprung hub, 6-puck design and a carbon semi-metallic friction material for quick shifting, and a fantastic bite.


This SPEC Stage 3 Clutch is a performance unit that is specifically designed for use on the 2011-2014 Mustang GT and V6 with the manual MT-82 transmission. 

NOTE: We recommend installing a new SPEC Flywheel with this clutch for optimal performance and driveability. 

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