SPEC Stage 2 Clutch (15-17 GT)





The SPEC Stage 2 Clutch is designed for all mild, to moderately modified naturally aspirated and forced induction Mustangs. The team at SPEC has done an amazing job of creating a clutch that can handle 630ft/lbs of torque, yet can also be utilized on a stock Mustang and not sacrifice drivability or exhibit excessive wear. The balance between drivability and durability with this SPEC Stage 2 Clutch is uncanny, making this a fantastic upgrade for Mustangs that see a lot of time on the street, strip or track. 


SPEC Stage 2 Clutches feature a signature high clamp pressure plate, a pure Kevlar friction material and high torque sprung hub / disc assembly. 


This SPEC Stage 2 Clutch is a performance unit that is specifically designed for use on the 2011-2017 Mustang GT with the manual MT-82 transmission. 

NOTE: We recommend installing a new SPEC Flywheel with this clutch for optimal performance and driveability.