Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit - Silver (15-17 GT)





  • State-of-the-Art Bar and Plate Oil Cooler
  • Increases Oil Capacity by 1qt. 
  • Fitted Stainless Steel Braided Oil Lines
  • Mounting Bracket Directs Air Flow 
  • Lifetime 'No Questions Asked' Warranty 
  • Replaces Factory Fluid Based Oil Cooler
  • Fits ALL 2015-2017 Mustang GT

Mishimoto's Oil Cooler kit is a great way to keep your Mustang's oil temperatures under control during high performance street / track driving. Forced induction, spirited driving and track sessions can all significantly increase the temperature of your engine's oil - this can cause increased wear, and potentially disastrous consequences in extreme situations. Protect your investment, and drive with confidence with this great piece from the engineers at Mishimoto. 


This product is the largest oil cooler that Mishimoto offers. The engineering design places the innovative bar and plate oil cooler in the upper grille at the front of the vehicle where it is mounted to receive maximum air flow. Oil is transferred from the cooler to the engine via the reliable, pre constructed braided stainless steel lines.


The braided stainless steel oil lines feature 10AN fittings for easy installation. The mounting bracket has been designed to also serve as an air diversion panel. That directs the maximum amount of ambient air throughout the oil cooler. Included in the kit is the replacement lower radiator hose, which bypasses the stock fluid-based oil cooler.


The Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit is available for all 2015-2017 Mustang GT. 

NOTE: Mospeed Performance recommends professional installation of this product.