Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit (14+ Fiesta ST)





  • Protect Your Engine During Spirited Mountain Runs / Track Driving!
  • Reduces Oil Temperatures by 35 Degrees F
  • Minimal Pressure Drop
  • Thermostatic and Non-Thermostatic Options Available
  • Multiple Finishes Available
  • Black Silicone Hoses Included
  • Increases Oil Capacity
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits 2014+ Fiesta ST

The Mishimoto engineers are back at it again with an excellent engine saving oil cooler for your 2014+ Fiesta ST! The turbocharged, high performance 1.6 engine in the Fiesta ST can quickly overheat their oil during aggressive street driving, or even within a few laps on the track. The factory unit is far from sufficient and as it is a liquid to liquid style cooler, it can often lead to overheated coolant temperatures in addition to white hot oil! Improve performance and protect your investment by keeping your oil temperatures at bay with the Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit. 

Oil Temperature Reduction

Mishimoto engineers saw consistent temperature decreases of over 35°F (19.5°C) using their non-thermostatic sandwich plate. Proving that this oil cooler kit can withstand the stresses of the most extreme applications.

High Quality Construction

Mishimoto started with a large 19 row oil cooler and placed it in the front of the vehicle allowing it to receive the maximum possible airflow. The kit is designed to bypass the factory unit in order to achieve the best possible oil temperature reduction. A new CNC center bolt and aluminum bypass tube are included to easily eliminate the factory oil cooler. Vehicle specific braided stainless steel lines transfer oil and feature -10AN fittings for an easy, durable installation. 


This Mishimoto Oil Cooler kit is designed specifically to fit the 2014+ Fiesta ST and improve your vehicles performance, and engine longevity.