McLeod RXT Twin Disc 1000HP Clutch (15-17 GT)

McLeod Racing




The McLeod RXT Twin Disc Clutch is the perfect solution for a high powered Mustang used for aggressive street driving, and moderate track and strip. Capable of holding up to 1000hp, the RXT from McLeod Racing is a dependable clutch for extremely high horsepower Mustangs that need a superb street clutch.


Offering ceramic faced twin sprung hub friction discs; this clutch offers aggressive engagement with a soft pedal feel and great driving characteristics. This clutch is very driver friendly, and not too 'over the top' for most street drivers. 


This McLeod RXT Twin Disc Clutch Kit is designed for use on the 2015-2017 GT Mustangs equipped with a MT-82 manual 23-spline transmission. This kit includes: Pressure plate, two clutch disc, floater plate, adapter ring and a pilot tool. 


An aftermarket 8 bolt performance flywheel is highly recommended for proper operation, and a steel braided clutch line is recommended to optimal performance.