Lund Racing nGauge with Custom Tune (2015-2018 Shelby GT350 / GT350R)

Lund Racing



  • Lund Racing's nGauge Handheld Tuner
  • A Custom Tune based on Your Specific Modifications and Goals
  • Display Up To 6 Gauges at a Time
  • Pick From Hundreds of Available OBD2 Signals
  • Record Log Files Directly to MicroSD Card
  • Programmable Warning Lights
  • Built in On-Board Diagnostics
  • Read and Save Stock File
  • Load Hundreds of Tunes from Your MicroSD Card
  • Auto Save When Data-logging Stops or Power Loss
  • No Updater Software Needed
  • First Full File Flash Time is Only 4-5 Minutes
  • Flash Updates in Under 1 Minute

Mospeed Performance is proud to offer the Lund Racing nGauge including a custom tune designed specifically for your Mustang! This kit will not only provide you with one of the best tuning devices on the market, but a custom performance tune from the world renowned tuners over at Lund Racing. 

NOTE: Once you've purchased your Lund Racing nGauge and Custom Tune, we will send you a short email form to obtain the information required to ensure that we and Lund Racing provide you with the best, and most accurate tune. 

ATTN: The Forced Induction Tune includes a remote tuning session with Lund Racing and is only available to customers located in the USA or Canada. 

ATTN: Tuning for GT350 and GT350R with turbocharger, supercharger, aftermarket injectors, fuel system modifications and aftermarket camshafts are currently NOT available.

NOTE: To successfully purchase this item, we require a valid email address and computer access so that you can load the tune file onto your Lund Racing nGauge using the supplied USB card or via mini USB Cable (NOT included). Mospeed Performance WILL NOT load tune files onto your Lund Racing nGauge before shipping. Your tune will be emailed to you directly from Lund Racing within 2-3 weeks or less from your order shipping from Mospeed Performance. 

NOTE: You must register your nGauge with Lund Racing once you receive it so that you can receive direct support and updates from Lund Racing. Please visit immediately to enable these services. You will also be sent your main configuration file when you receive your tune from Lund Racing.*Your Lund Racing nGauge is locked to Lund Racing tuning only. Other tuners will NOT be able to use this device to tune your vehicle. 

APPLICATION: This Lund Racing nGauge and Custom Tune Kit will fit the 2015-2018 Shelby GT350 and GT350R ONLY.