Hawk Street Race Front Brake Pad Set (14+ Fiesta ST)

Hawk Performance




  • The Perfect Track / Street Pad Combo!
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range (100-1200°F)
  • Great Rotor and Pad Wear Life
  • Improved Pedal Feel and Minimal Brake Fade
  • Increased Stopping Power
  • Smooth and Predictable Brake Control
  • Complete Front Set 
  • Fits 2014+ Fiesta ST

The racers never ending goal for greatness, the art of perfection is now complemented by the latest in technology. Racing technology continues to find its way to the street, and Hawk Performance has found a way to make you get closer to that goal!

This was the motivation behind the development of the new Hawk High Performance Street/Race compound. Built for you to go racing on it. Dive into the next tight corner, brake later and edge past your competition, but don't put it on a trailer after you lapped the field, take your helmet off and drive to you celebratory dinner. The new Street/Race compound from Hawk Performance truly gives you that ability.


*Image above may not be an exact representation of the pads designed for your Fiesta ST.

*Item ships directly from the manufacturer, please allow 5-7 days for the item to be shipped.