SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch (14+ Fiesta ST)





When you're Fiesta ST is delivering some massive power numbers, you're going to need a clutch that can not only handle that power, but allow you to drive on the street without that typical 'on-off' feel that is commonly associated with race-only units. The team at SPEC spent a considerable amount of time designing this clutch to withstand many passes on the strip, and still allow you to to have a forgiving pedal feel on the roadways. 


SPEC Stage 3+ Clutches include a sprung hub, high clamp pressure plate and a full faced carbon semi-metallic face for a long life, and unmatched 'bite'. 


This SPEC Stage 3+ Clutch is a performance unit that is specifically designed for use on the 2014+ Fiesta ST. 

NOTE: We recommend installing a new SPEC Flywheel with this clutch for optimal performance and driveability. 

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